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Software Testing

Software products continue to advance, through new programming languages, platforms such as cloud computing and app delivery on mobile devices. As systems become more complex, how does an enterprise looking to provide the latest solutions provide high quality applications without testing becoming a bottleneck? From fully outsourced testing services to strategy consulting and test automation, Winrar provides outsourced services that seamlessly work with your existing personnel and infrastructure, extending your resources to manage the need. The Winrar team has experience testing a wide variety of software, web and mobile platforms using the most common testing tools currently available.

Winrar helps you test application performance during development and in production. Here are some of our key services

Agile Testing

Testing services that seamlessly integrate outsourced testing into your Agile environment.

Compatibility Testing

A full spectrum of compatibility testing including OS and device platform conflicts.

Functional Testing

Testing for desktop software, mobile apps, embedded software, reports and more.

Mobile Application Testing

Testing services for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5.

Performance Testing

Load, stress, spike, configuration, isolation, cloud and other performance testing.

Security Testing

Authentication, authorization, availability, confidentiality and other security testing.

Test Automation

Code-driven, graphical user interface and various forms of performance test automation.

Testing as a Service

Fully managed testing services from test strategy through planning and execution.

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