Our Services

Winrar provides end-to-end product engineering and R&D services to the Mobile, Telecom and Networking industry. Our solutions and services to product companies range from analysis, design, and development to software testing in the segments of switching, data communication and network management.

The key differentiation in our offerings is our ability to design and develop software with the latest optimized software engineering skills and domain understanding. These include

  • Design and development of call control software KTS/PBX systems
  • Design and development of PBX functionality for media gateway controllers of VOIP based switches.
  • Design and implementation of key network management system components for a satellite communication system
  • Design and implementation of RSVP protocols for video streaming servers and integration with IP stack
  • Design and implementation of SNMP based network and element management system for normal and gigabit switched routers.
  • Design and development of router configuration tool capable of network discovery, network planning and router configuration for series of routers, switches and hubs of telecom OEMs
  • Design and development of MPLS based traffic engineering system capable of network discovery, network analysis and simulation, network monitoring and network congestion control.

We provide customer facing and back office functions such as technical support and customer service.

Our consulting experience spans corporate, SME and consumer markets and addresses customer relationship management, business process management, order management, repairs, provisions, field sales and service, marketing and web self-service.

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