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Our Culture


We’re an open-concept environment with flexible scheduling to fit your work and personal style. We’re not as concerned about punching a clock as we are about doing good work.

Less meetings, more action

We like keeping our meetings short and sweet. We’re big fans of 5 minute meetings which sometimes include a walk around the block (move your body, freshen your mind). You won’t get stuck in meetings with no time to execute here.


Oh, and we’re very transparent with few barriers to information.


Our company is built on learning. We’re always investigating the next big thing, and we expect you to have the same passion for technology and learning as we do!


We have a global team and monthly celebrations; you’ll often find us at our Friday afternoon meetings, sipping some delicious wine or savoury beer.


We’re definitely efficient communicators, using many channels from Google hangouts, Slack, email – and, yes, in person too! Whatever your style, it will work – as long as it’s direct and you’re ready to take action.


We’re all about healthy snacks and keep some available for when you get peckish. Have a favourite? Let us know!

Giving Back

We believe that building community and giving back is the way for us to all get ahead. If you have a favourite charity or cause, we would love to show our support as well.

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