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Making your implementation a true success

Winrar Education Services solutions cover a wide range of topics, with flexible delivery formats to ensure that your employees can conveniently learn the skills they need.

Making your implementation a true success

Maximize the value of your IT investment by leveraging WinrarIT Education Services. All instructors have senior-level technical and functional background as consultants, with years of implementation and troubleshooting experience, which they apply to ensure that all classes are relevant and engaging.

Class formats include

  • On-line Classes
  • Physical-Classes
  • Real time Issues

Hands-on Labs

All classes combine extensive demonstrations and hands-on labs, to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Each class offers:

  • Lab-intensive classes - All labs use realistic examples drawn from familiar business contexts.
  • Process/Scenario workshops
  • Course Materials - Instructors utilize materials which are customized to your specific business needs.

Tailored and Custom Instruction

Winrar services Education Services can tailor curriculum and classes to your specific needs, using your business processes to allow your users to directly relate new concepts to their working environment, through:

  • Tailored Courseware: Standard Winrar It Services curriculum is utilized, including only the topics which add value to your business.
  • Custom Courseware: Winrar Services curriculum is molded to your specific business processes. Your environment is used to provide screen shots and exercises that your users can easily relate to.

Few Facts about the education system in India

India as a country has always fostered education so the talent pool in the country is enormous. A peek into the university list

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