Big Data


Software development is changing. The power and speed of today’s technology means the software development process has evolved from the traditional waterfall model to an iterative process with enhanced teamwork between vendor and client.

The growth of cloud, big data, mobile computing and social media have put additional burdens on organizations as well as provided many new opportunities to build modern, user friendly digital solutions.

Winrar extends your internal team through an integrated development process that reduces overhead and enhances delivery speed. We are tightly integrated and act as a seamless extension of each client’s technology team.

Winrar is Microsoft managed partner and we work closely with Microsoft to provide full stack application development and application modernization utilizing power of Azure and cloud based tools.


Winrar can assist you with all of your application development needs. Here are some of our key areas of expertise

App Maintenance and Modernization

Winrar can maintain and modernize your digital applications using current technologies like Cloud, Big Data and Mobile.

Back-end Development

With cloud becoming the new standard, back-end development and deployment has become faster and more iterative. Winrar back-end solutions use the latest cloud technologies from Microsoft to deliver success.

Front-end Development

With users exposed to more apps than ever, UI/UX is crucial. Winrar provides complete front-end development from discovery to deployment for web, mobile and desktop to create memorable experiences for your customers.

Mobile Development

Mobile strategy, native app development, UI/UX design, mobile web development, hybrid app development, APIs and web services, and metrics and analytics.

Technical Audit

You may have an application that needs to be optimized, updated or simply maintained. Winrar provides audit services including actionable initiatives to help you get more from your applications and products.

Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure migration, optimization, management and support.

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