Is CRM something new? Think about the time when you went and bought groceries from your friendly grocer across the street (probably before the advent of hypermarkets!). He greeted you by name. Knowing your buying habits, he would recommend the best and freshest fruits and vegetables that you would like to buy. Since you are his regular customer, he would already offer your personalized discounts above the displayed prices. As you leave the shop after buying the items that you needed, you would not think twice to visit the grocer again next time. Is it not wonderful that someone understands your needs and strives to fully satisfy your requirements?

As you can see, the concept of customer relationship management dates back to the time when we started trading with other people.

In the digital economy, it would be a gargantuan task to personally remember all the hundreds, if not thousands of customers' purchasing habits, their special prices and historical data each time an enquiry is received. Couple with the fact that you have to respond on-the-fly, you would need a robust system to keep the wheels running smoothly.

The underlying principle is to make your customers feel important, to achieve customer delight through the emotional experience.

It is not about great products. It is not even about low prices! It is about achieving customer delight in each interaction with the customer, be it a friendly answer to a sales enquiry over the telephone or giving advise to a customer just when he or she needs it.

As organizations grow larger, it becomes imperative to present a unified and coordinated front to the customer. Every employee's interaction with a customer represents the company and has to be streamlined and personalized.

So, how does a company provide customer delight and personalization across all customer touch points? What is the solution? Come and talk with us and together we will define with you the strategy of your eCRM competitive advantage.

Customer Relationship Management with provides seamless integration between all applications, effectively linking back-office ERP systems with the front office into one unified system that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction.

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